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Dear partner, we are excited to announce a comprehensive Sales and Technical Training dedicated to Copilot for Microsoft 365! Whether you’re a Sales professional or a technical enthusiast, this event promises valuable insights and hands-on learning.


In the morning we will start with the Sales Training.

  • Welcome breakfast: 9h00
  • Sales Training Start: 9h30

**Morning Session: Sales Training**

      • Copilot Value Proposition: Understand how Copilot enhances productivity, creativity, and collaboration.
      • Copilot Product Overview: Dive into the features, capabilities, and benefits of Copilot.
      • Getting Customers AI Ready: Learn strategies to position Copilot effectively for your clients.
      • Finding Sales Opportunities: Explore potential use cases and identify opportunities in your market.

**Lunchtime Gathering:** Join us for a delightful lunch at the restaurant in the Ingram Micro building in Diegem. It’s a great opportunity to network, share insights, and recharge for the afternoon session.

  • Lunch: 12h30 – 13h30

A more technical deep dive is foreseen in the afternoon.

  • Technical Training Start: 14h00

**Afternoon Session: Technical Training**

      • Copilot Fundamentals & Demos: Get hands-on experience with Copilot’s core functionalities.
      • Copilot for Microsoft 365: Architecture: Understand how Copilot integrates with Microsoft 365 services.
      • Security, Data Protection & Privacy with Copilot: Learn about best practices about deata Security
      • Copilot Extensibility: Explore ways to customize and extend Copilot for specific scenarios.


  • Diego Lens

    Diego Lens

    Cloud Solutions Architect
    Ingram Micro


Hermeslaan 1b/3rd floor, Diegem 1831 Machelen, Belgium


Area of Interest Artificial Intelligence
Format Download
Language English
Solution Area Data & AI