Duration: 5:04:18

Components: 6

Automating your Microsoft 365 administration using Microsoft 365DSC
Are you managing one of more Microsoft 365 tenants and do you want to:
  • Automate your Microsoft 365 management?
  • Want to be notified when settings are changed outside of your control?
  • Generate up-to-date documentation of your Microsoft 365 tenants?
Then we have the solution for you! In this video Yorick Kuijs is going to tell you more about Microsoft365DSC and how it can help you optimize your Microsoft 365 administration to bring your organization in control.
How to get started with ChatGPT & OpenAI on Azure
You’ve probably already stumbled across ChatGPT and you might have even seen that Azure OpenAI Service was announced as generally available on January 16, 2023. In this session, a Cloud Solution Architect will talk about ChatGPT, the Azure OpenAI service and will answer your questions so that your partners can leverage this outstanding opportunity.
Microsoft Security: Protect & Govern Sensitive Data
Focused on helping partners understand how to position Microsoft Purview, the compliance product suite. Focused on those who are motivated to improve their compliance posture and interested in learning how Microsoft 365 brings together a unified set of tools that reduces complexity and accelerates the path to compliance. In the session we will highlight how customers, with the use of M365, can understand where their data resides and how to protect it in today’s ever-evolving IT ecosystem. We will showcase how to leverage these capabilities across hybrid, multicloud and various endpoints, and proactively secure and protect data wherever it lives. This journey is grounded in the approach of detecting data, protecting data and preventing data loss. As part of this journey, we will explore how to identify and classify sensitive data with Microsoft Purview Information Protection. We will review how to apply protective controls and prevent data leaks with Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention. And we will show how to identify and address potential data risks posed by inadvertent or malicious user activity, such as data leaks or data exfiltration, with Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management.
MCPP Series-Solution Partner for Modern Work & Security
Als partner speel jij een fundamentele rol in het bieden van innovatieve oplossingen op het gebied van modern workplace en security. Hans van der Meer nodigt je uit om meer te weten te komen en deel te nemen aan het #ModernWork partner programma. Ontdek de mogelijkheden en voordelen en vergroot je expertise!
Microsoft Commerce Updates - NCE, FX adjustments.
As Microsoft keeps evolving its commercial platform, join us for an update on the latest news. We will walk through some of the latest announcements for new features, but also share some of the roadmap ahead for both the CSP NCE order platform and the latest news on our FX strategy. The session will be run by Christian Moser who ran similar sessions for the last 1.5 years for Partners in Western Europe already. We will also ensure you have time to ask your questions during the session.

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